Am I tipping and receiving real money in Peeks?

Yes, all of the money in Peeks is REAL! We give you 2.50 for free when you register your first credit card to get you started!

How do I transfer money into my bank account from Peeks?

To withdraw money from your Peeks wallet into your bank account, all you have to do is go MY WALLET in the menu options and tap the withdrawal icon. Follow the prompts and enter the information requested. If you live in Canada or the United States; the money will be deposited directly into your bank account. It normally takes one day to receive your deposit, but depending on your bank it can take up to 5 days. Note: You must have a minimum of 50.00 to withdraw from your Wallet to your bank account.

If you live outside Canada or the United States, the process is similar but the money will be sent to you via bank wire or mailed via paper cheque. Bank wires settle the same day in most cases but may take longer. There are fees associated with international bank wires (please see fees schedule). There are no fees associated with paper cheques; however paper cheques may take several weeks to arrive at your location.

What are the fees and payout periods?

Fees Table

Item Rate
Platform Fee (Tips) 30%-50% (depending on status level))
Platform Fee (Crowd Funding) 15%-25% (depending on status level)
Platform Fee (E-commerce) 10%
Reactivation Fee $19.99
Bank Wire $50
Cheque no fee
NSF $20

Broadcaster Funds Settlements

Method Region Time
ACH/EFT Canada/USA 24 to 48 hours
Bank Wire International 1 to 5 days
Cheque International 2 to 8 weeks

Payout periods

Payout periods are typically one day after Peeks receives the funds from its payment processors.
Credit card payments are settled every 48 hours. For Google and Apple in-app payments; the first payment is received in 45 days and then every 30 days after that. As such the following are Peeks payout periods for your funds:

Viewer Payment Method Payout Period
Credit Card 2 days
Debit Card 2 days
Online Cheque 2 days
Apple in-app payments 16th of every month
Google in-app payments 16th of every month

To avoid wait period you can use Express funds, there is a charge of 5.75% for Express funds.

How do I check my cash balance in Peeks?

In your wallet, you will see 2 balances, your total amount and funds on “hold”. There is a hold period (3 days) for money deposited to your account to allow time to investigate in the event of fraudulent or criminal behaviour.

Select MY WALLET by clicking on the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen. You can now view your current balance and also use the side scrolling feature below the balance to view transactions from previous months.

What is the “Paid Broadcast” feature?

This feature ensures broadcasters monetize from their streams by asking viewers to pay to watch it. The broadcaster can select this feature before or anytime during a live stream by simply selecting the “PAID BROADCAST” icon and setting the minimum tip amount that you are requesting from your viewers.

Your viewers will see a faded grey screen preview with audio for 1 minute and a notice requesting the tip amount that you have set. They will have the option to tip and continue watching the live stream or leave the broadcast.

If they do nothing they will continue see a faded grey screen preview with audio for 1 minute but will not have the ability to chat. Payments are also required for replay of streams designated as “PAID BROADCAST”.

If someone has already tipped during the live stream, they have the ability to replay it in its entirety. Broadcasters are required to stream for a minimum of 15 minutes after setting up a paid broadcast or their funds can be held and returned.

What is a “Private” Stream?

A private stream allows the broadcaster to select from a list of their followers as to who they want to share their live streams with, these streams are not public.

You can select all your followers or search and select individual followers. Only those invited will be able to see that you are live streaming and have access to replays. Private live streams are not available to anyone else and will not show up on any views if they are not invited.

All functionality from regular streams are available in private streams including tipping, paid broadcast and deletion of streams.

How do I upload a video?

In the menu ic_nav go to UPLOAD VIDEO. Select your video and choose a thumbnail.
Add your video details, such as title, rating and category, then you are ready to start live streaming on Peeks.

How do I delete a video?

It’s a good idea to clean up your videos and leave only the best ones up. To delete videos, go to MY PROFILE in the main menu, swipe left (for iOS) or long press (for Android) on the video and press DELETE.

Note that we do keep the video archived in case it’s needed for adjudication or legal proceedings. This is not available to the public.

Why is it sometimes my animations don’t work?

Some phones will automatically stop animations and not allow you to stream if your battery is low or in power save mode.

We recommend you have at least 30% battery life when using Peeks for viewing or broadcasting.


Am I tipping and receiving real money in Peeks?

Yes all of the money in Peeks is REAL including the free $2.50 we give you for registering your first credit card to get you started.

How Does Tipping Work?

You need to register a credit card in order to tip broadcasters. Once registered, you can tip REAL MONEY from your Peeks Wallet. If you tip out more money than is in your wallet, the funds will be taken from your credit card.

I feel like I didn’t get what was promised from the broadcaster. What do I do?

If the broadcaster didn’t broadcast for approximately 15 minutes after enforcing a paid broadcast or didn’t deliver what was promised, you may be eligible for a credit to your Peeks Wallet. In either case, you may contact customer service at Peeks will adjudicate your complaint for validity.

How do I add money into my Peeks account?

There are 2 ways to add money to your Peeks account; bBy receiving tips for all the great content you are producing, or by depositing money from your credit card on file. Once your credit card has been set up, you can select how much money you would like to deposit onto your Peeks account from your credit card.

Are there any minimum transaction limits?

Yes. If you tip more than what is available in your wallet, we will bill your credit card a minimum of 6.99 and the difference will be put in your Peeks wallet.

For example: If you have nothing in your wallet and you tip 1.00 then we will bill your credit card 6.99, debit our 1.00 and make the other 5.99 available for you in your wallet.

My video keeps freezing, what can I do?

Video freezing and buffering can occur when watching or streaming in areas with low WIFI bandwidth and or in areas where your mobile carrier has limited coverage. Try to go to an area where there is a better signal.

Why is it sometimes my animations don’t work?

Some phones will automatically stop animations and not allow you to stream if your battery is low or in power save mode.

We recommend you have at least 30% battery life when using Peeks for viewing or broadcasting.

What does the “Lock” Icon Mean?

The Lock icon means that you have been invited view to a private stream from a broadcaster you are following. Only you and other users that have been invited by the broadcaster can see the stream.

Sharing a private stream has been disabled for Peeks viewers.

How Do I Block Annoying Broadcasters?

Different strokes for different folks – If you want to stop a broadcaster from popping up in your views, go to the broadcaster’s profile by clicking on their profile picture, then select the OPTIONS menu at the top right corner and click BLOCK. Refresh your views and they will be removed from all views (including live). If you ever want to give them a second chance you can always go into the MAIN MENU -> FOLLOWING -> BLOCK and swipe left for iOS (hold down for Android) to unblock them.

What does “Gateway Rejected: AVS” mean?

Should you get an error message similar to “Gateway Rejected: AVS”, this would normally indicate that the address/zip code that you had entered in Peeks does not match the address/zip code with your card provider. Please update your billing information.

Alternatively please contact your bank to update the address directly with them, should it be a corporate credit card it is important to double check if they hold your personal or work address.

How do I delete my account?

Please contact Customer Support at providing your Peeks username.

How do I delete my credit card?

To delete your card, please login and navigate to the Wallet screen. Tap on the three dots on the top right of the screen to open the wallet options menu. Under the Deposit Options section, you should see your credit card listed. To remove your card on Android, press and hold on the card you wish to remove. After a couple of seconds a dialog should appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete it. Tap Yes to confirm. On iOS, swipe from the right to the left on the credit card you wish to remove. Tap on the red Delete option that is revealed and your card will be deleted.

How do I change my username?

Contact Customer Service at providing your current Peeks username and the username it needs to be changed to.

Where is my tip button?

In some situations on iOS your tip button isn’t visible. You can still tap on the bottom right corner of the screen to activate the tip function.
We’re currently resolving this issue.

Why does it say 0.00 dollars as a price for the stream?

Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing an issue where if you join a paid live stream, you may encounter a situation where the minimum tip amount may display a value of $0.00. In order to avoid this, please wait up to 5 seconds before tapping on Continue from the content rating screen when joining a stream. The stream should now display the proper minimum tip amount. We are currently working on a better solution to this issue.

How do I get a refund?

Please contact Customer Support at providing your Peeks username, the stream name (if applicable) you want a refund for, the date and the reason for requesting a refund.


More Questions or Feedback?

Send us an email at or and we will get back to you as soon as possible.