Fees Table

Item Rate
Platform Fee (Tips) 24.9%-70%
Platform Fee (Crowd Funding) 24.9%-70%
Platform Fee (E-commerce) 10%
Reactivation Fee $19.99
Bank Wire No fee (Minimum withdrawal amount: $100)
NSF $20

Broadcaster Funds Settlements

Method Region Time
ACH/EFT Canada/USA 3 to 5 business days
Bank Wire International 1 to 5 days for Europe, 3 weeks for all other regions

Payout periods

Payout periods are typically one day after Peeks Social receives the funds from its payment processors. Credit card payments are settled every 48 hours. For Google and Apple in-app payments; the first payment is received in 45 days and then every 30 days after that. As such the following are Peeks Social payout periods for your funds:
Viewer Payment Method Payout Period
Credit Card 2 days
Online Cheque 2 days
Apple in-app payments 16th of every month
Google in-app payments 16th of every month